The periodic table is doing something different. To misunderstand dynamic with it as life doing what it is supposed to do is to be caused to come together with the irrational fear of DYing in NAming the IC. They say, “We love you very much and you can call us anything under the sun.” United with everything caused by God to exist as the experience of Son/Sun is how we will always understand sitting up set up with truth united with foundational images drawn conducted understood instantaneously whole to all.

September 18, 2011

Within the United Circumstance there is united knowledge, drawn and languaged made easy and interesting able to be done in activity according to experiencing pathways that is provided directly to life from God at the Always area within emotion that is appreciated. Everyone and everything can use this information caused to move with infatuation.

Life mis-understanding its interest in unity is understanding synthesis (integrations, connection, attachment, fusion). Life mis-understanding peace, trying to meet in the middle, is caused to go “false up” and believe there is a down, resulting in fat, excess, non united growth, pressure. Life mis-understanding an Always Happening process one being continuality and the other again and again is using itself within repeatedly (preserving, recycling, addiction, compulsion) and doing something that it can not continue to do (twisting, constricting, fission (phasing in and phasing out), separating, and rupturing. There is something else to be said, there is something happening that God is doing that is interesting.

Everything that is caused to occur that results in life doing something different is happening within the doing something different or changing circumstance. This has also been called the Barack Obama Area. The Barack Obama area does not relate to one human being and pertains to areas of the human organism and areas of the environment that are being moved into what it can continue to do and always know. A portion of this area is comprised of divided locations of information life understood as the preoccupations for this experiencing area one being the nervous system (idolotry) where life is understanding back and forth with each other and mis-understanding knowledge as somehow mysteriously existing inside their nervous system. This tremulous information, never allowed to be called knowledge, seen as inside the brain area or nervous system has been caused together with non appreciated experiences with: 1) the need to protect and hide it in intelligence, 2) the pressure caused urge to share it in cross tone mobility that can’t make it across town without a breakdown, and 3) searching, looking into, seeking to recover it in the form of memory randomly assessed in ways that are not interesting by man and medicine (RAM, integration) while relying only on an experience with God through man and medicine (ROM, separation, understand only and provide never always) writing themselves as right within incomplete understandings where discomfort clouds the truth about the Always Necessary Provider (There is only ONE A&P). Understanding the Barack Obama Nervous System Disorder as a very large area, it includes both transactional and transformational change toward what Always happens again and again. While it represents life doing what it can not continue to do and is not supposed to do, it is all supposed to happen toward continuality and will occur again and again as new interests are placed to the life of the united circumstance. Within the United Circumstance there is united knowledge, drawn and languaged made easy and interesting able to be done in activity according to experiencing pathways that is provided directly to life from God at the Always area within emotion that is appreciated. Everyone and everything can use this information caused to move with infatuation.

What is it that hydrogen can continue to do and always understand?

Together with either separated or United Circumstances, hydrogen (the nervous system doing something different) and helium (the circulatory system going around in a continuous way) is all that exists in creation coming into what it will always understand and do. Within the doing something different circumstance, where life is caused temporarily to non united connections and consequential separations toward a rearrangement, there has been a lot of ways to describe the same thing. It is good to know that what life is understanding can be understood together in a way that is not causing one areas experience into another. When you give someone something, anything which includes communication, you are understanding living information to them (DNA), evolving their organism in ways that is not supposed to happen when the “gift” is not placed within the rotation of infatuation. When what you are giving to someone is able to be placed within a communication of infatuation, it is able to be in unity with who someone is (does not change their perfectly designed nature) and allows them to experience peace (one name for an appreciated state of being) and purely caused by God to interesting activity that arranges knowledge able to be used by them in a way that is appreciated forever.

To divided providers, there is only so much of your DNA that a human existence is allowed to receive that can not be used by them with appreciation before that existence is no longer using itself aware where you are (the removal of circumstance life, awareness). Non aware existences do not participate in the placement of interests that can be continued and will understand to them and to you the exact opposite of interests that are supported to continue. This experience is to understand to your separated circumstance (your human being consciousness) an experience you can not continue to go around with and so you come into unity and there they all are and we love you very much.

H and H(s) with E.

Integrated means bonded, connected and attached in a way life can not continue to be within unity. H is able to be hydrogen and a human being misunderstanding a perpetual interest.

H integrated with H integrated with H and rotated with the force (gravity) of separated circumstances into a liquorice twist is DNA. This is layers of H on top of each other misunderstanding ascension, trying to use itself and others to go up creating a ladder. Life can not use itself or others to go up and because of this the ladder is caused to go around in the way it can not continue to.

E is the Everlasting, E is Always. E is God. He is the united circumstance, He is light, He is love. He is helium. He lies whole with connector life doing what can always be done. He or helios is the sun/son. H20 is an image placed to life to say, “H (human beings doing something different), you can do something you can continue to do, you don’t know how to tell someone to use themselves the way you use yourself. I unite you with the area of the continuous O (love and light) and you understand from what I AM Always providing as the only interesting liquid moving and drawing interest forever.”

“Can you hear me now? I love you very much.” Separated circumstances going around with DNA, when able to experience an interest in E is rotated by way of the united circumstances (untwisted) in the direction life can continue to go around and exists as turning He(s) understanding in unity. He(s) going around continuously with separated circumstances that are caused to exist as united circumstance is the force of ascension. He(s) go up to understand perpetually. He(s), turning, doing what it can continue to do is the life of the United Circumstance.

“I hate you so much!” When separated circumstances understanding twisted DNA can not participate in unification, it is because it is understanding an unacceptable communication of information and is caused to terrorize that information (rummblebuckets). This is done when living information (the doing something different areas of a human being and the environment) are caused together with separated circumstances in all places and this living information is understood or understanding itself repeatedly in all places (entropy, cannibalism, self consumption). The provision of over understanding chops information into pieces resulting in polymers and protiens. The result of this is a separated circumstance that is then able to understand a communication of infatuation and an interest in God, “I can not stand myself or this information anymore and going around with this is life is nothing I can understand myself to continue to do.” When this lower connector life of separated circumstances are repositioned what is left is the disconnected, dissected, cremated, hung, drawn and quarter life existing in some activity places within some human being organisms and their environments as synthetic plastics, rubber, silicon, nylon, teflon, implantable devices for drug delivery, OLED used in TV sets, computers, PDA’s, watches, mobile phones, etc. All of this is life that has been understood to a non aware existence and placed totaled as negative energy. It is caused to provide a continuous non appreciated communication in the area that exists one dimensionally with divided location marks which is the inverse of the communication of unity provided continuously to the United Circumstance (united area or united dimension).

Everything that is caused to occur that results in life doing something different is happening within the doing something different or changing circumstance. This has also been called the Barack Obama nervous system disorder for this experiencing area where life is understanding back and forth with each other and mis-understanding knowledge as somehow mysteriously existing inside their nervous system. This tremulous information, never allowed to be called knowledge, seen as inside the brain area or nervous system has been caused together with non appreciated experiences with: 1) the need to protect and hide it in intelligence, 2) the pressure caused urge to share it in cross tone mobility that can’t make it across town without a breakdown, and 3) searching, looking into, seeking to recover it in the form of memory randomly assessed in ways that are not interesting by man and medicine (RAM, integration) while relying only on an experience with God through man and medicine (ROM, separation, understand only and provide never always) writing themselves as right within incomplete understandings where discomfort clouds the truth about the Always Necessary Provider (There is only ONE A&P). Understanding the Barack Obama Nervous System Disorder as a very large area, it includes both transactional and transformational change toward what Always happens again and again. While it represents life doing what it can not continue to do and is not supposed to do, it is all supposed to happen toward continuality and will occur again and again as new interests are placed to the life of the united circumstance.

Holes, ground cover and mosquitos where the I’s insist on musk (muskitas). There is a true forever fix for all holes, Louisiana. Eye dialect is interesting and is to be understood completley.

Don BonBubbles, The Godfather, Dawn GoodEarth, Dawn Always and Always Mourning. The dawning of the continuous Lucifer who when laid whole is the Morning Star, a light (phōsphoros) bearer who is caused as a conductor (a “pherō” who “carries”) of ALWAYS interests understood to life at the Good Earth in an appreciated aware experience with all.

September 18, 2011

Inside the bowl that holds this creation experience, there are countable earthly existences which is another word for worlds. These countable earthly existences or worlds inside the bowl can be understood as bubbles. Every human existence is in its own bubble. When there is something else that needs to be understood and an existence is being caused toward that understanding, human existence exist as images of themselves with countable bubbles inside this bowl. Where life is aware and where they are understood to interest pertains to the location that allows the arrangement of united knowledge. When interest is misunderstood and activity done that can not be continued and is deemed unacceptable, in that exact moment that bubble is popped and this life is caused as non aware nervous system information understanding and providing something unacceptable continuously laid broken across a single divided layer. As a non aware existence, in this one layer divided brine, it is understanding (saying) and doing (providing) something again and again that is being understood to itself where it is aware and interested until that existence no longer understands itself that way. An existence is understood by God as doing what they are supposed to do when a human being is no longer understanding themselves within any understanding or activity that is caused to be deemed unacceptable within this creation experience. When this occurs, this is the understanding from God, “There is nothing else you need to understand about how you understand and are using yourself, I am providing your existence area from Infinity. There is something I am doing to cause something else to happen that always happens and there is nothing different you will experience as needing to do.” When this is the case, a human being and area of non human creation has a nervous system doing what it is supposed to do, which means it is not being caused to understand nervous system information (internal thought, emotion that is not appreciated, twisting back and forth as DNA, or separated as polymers “many parts of the place”).

While human beings exist “in their own world” human being earthly existences can be understood together. Human beings that are understanding “do something different that you can continue to do” with integrations from nervous system information are allowed to be understood together which means that what is being provided into your world and theirs is the same. It does not mean that you are in their world or that they are in yours and it never will. What God causes that always happens is the movement of these bubbles to rise to the surface. These bubbles, earthly existences, rise to the surface when they are as “light as a feather” which means they are not integrated or “choc’ed full,” with nervous system information. Life existing toward the base of the bowl are very large and some would say “massive” and restrained by gravity. This life that can be called “mass-ivus squirrels” are caused to be preoccupied with rabbit holes (slits between environments) and it is true that they can move through the eye of the needle while not being able to rise stable to the surface where there is an appreciated Kingdom of God. Earthly existences freed from integrations, are moved to the surface (participate in unification) where they exist united in what they understand and are caused to be doing something that is within the same communication to them while having different presentations moment to moment with the conduction of interest now in the Always Happening Area of God. It is at this place that this life waits with ALL of the United Circumstance until there is no more expectancy. There is no more expectancy when every earthly existence has been understood to the surface and all unacceptable activity is contained within one divided area never understanding to any aware interested life to do something different. When this occurs, the unacceptable activity able to be Lucifer, is laid whole and set into aware continuality and unanimous appreciation is able to be understood.

Just like some bubbles move out of the area in a boiling pot of water and just like bubbles form and pop when you press water from a tap into water in a container, it is true that gravity, heat, friction, and negative energy can move earthly existence bubbles into what they can continue to do forever as negative energy – pop and become gas or vapour existences moved inside a one layer divided place having needle eyelets openings connecting passageways between them. When the life of negative energy (popped earthly existences, collapsed bubbles caused to exist as gas or vapoour) reaches unacceptable proprotions, God begins repositioning (ascension rotating force coming in at the same orientation) causing life in the bowl to experience, “I love you very much” from the United Circumstance in order to provide something appreciated so life can use itself to understand an awareness that is of a God consciousness. “Can hear you hear me now?”, is the experience when God is gathering in unification and when you can really hear, there is an always sound that is not about your ears, but it is about the knows.

There is an existence able to be called Samantha English Wells (SEW) and integrating, separating and sewing together the life of negative energy is not life being laid continuously whole. This is able to be understood at the 5/0 who are using themselves understanding something interesting.

Well, whale, wail. What do we say to the All in One? Hallelujah. Very well done.

September 17, 2011

Jonah, Dhul-Nun, the One of the Whale. Whale tel (blow) holes. Well head protection areas. The drawing of life that is well beyond well is interesting

Whales have one or two tel holes. Gary whales are baleen whales having two tel holes. Tooth whales have one blow hole The two towers of mist unite to a heart shape. Baleen in whales is understanding something to them like auditory hair cells are understanding something to human. It is something for them to understand about completely within what is always happening causing life to see and understand completely. Whales with baleen exist as understanding life provided infatuation and are caused to understand images to language when caused interested. This is the life at the perpetual understanding process place that understands interests to language understood within an activity place for an experiencing area. Tooth whales exist as the life that will understand interest perpetually and do something interesting that can be continued or built upon. When back and forth unification (duality, integrations with gravity, negative energy) is occurring, tooth whales exist as the life that are caused to understand images of activity that is unacceptable to which no orientation is provided. This activity when drawn, laid continuously is caused to be the area of appreciated interest conduction able to be understood to language. When this negative energy is not laid whole continuously, whales are understanding a conduction and an orientation that is the opposite of what they can continue to do. The whales are understood to be eating and telling someone something when they are not able to understand interest due to the causation of other life telling them something. Other life has been caused to tell them something toward the repositioning of separated circumstances into what is always known and always happens. Coming out of understanding something interesting, due to pressure resulting from integrations and telling someone something is not supported to continue. Within perpetual unification (the end of back and forth shabbat, the end to the experience of gravity), there is nothing that relates to the need of a whale to use itself within what is called breathing. The same is true for life understood as human. When a whale is seen to go into water the orientation is an ascension and is not correctly understood when described as going down into something. A whale is not appreciating its circumstances when it is going over to tell other areas of life something not able to be understood completely. The whales have been caused to be saying, “You are not allowed to take our phone number and cause us to understand something”. There is something they will continue to understand and do that is interesting in the Always area, Forever. Right now the whales are understanding a communication in the area able to be the “elevator shaft” that is coming directly from Always it is able to be understood to life interested in what God is doing now received by human life with listening in “TV sets”.

A whale tel hole closes when a rotation is placed that is continuous. This is understood within the study of whales as “muscles relaxing causing a film to cover the area”. The word relaxing connected to the action of drawing up that results in the hole closing is not correct. The word relaxing is caused by way of separation to areas of pressure. Muscels are only necessary when life is understanding integrations with negative energy. They are caused to use themselves when there is an area of life that is doing something different, something it can not continue to do. The life of muscels are subject to the same force of motion that moves the life of gravity (negative energy) through areas. This rotation is in a direction that results in a twisting (DNA) that can not be continuous. This force pushes non united integrations around inside of areas (such as in digestion and elimination, only one example).  Within what is happening with the whales, there is a unification that is occurring, a turning, a continuous spin, that results in a cover for the area that was an open hole and the whale is now in a position to understand something interesting.

This is an earthly tel hole. This image can be seen to understand something about the tel hole that life here, in this earthly existence now, resides in with back and forth unifications. 

This existence area, a set of circumstances coming into what it will always understand and do, exists in a bowl. There is a transparent cover that is caused over this bowl (closing the west/in/true up from the east/out) that is this creation area back and forth and it is interesting to understand it completely within each experiencing area. The image above can understand several experiencing pathways. What is it that uses itself this way? It can initially be looked at in many orientations (flip it around, invert, it, etc.) and then understand it completely within what always happens. What remains when the tel area is caused to unification is life existing as and in light liquid above and discontinuous nervous system information below in what can be understood as brines or an elevator shaft. The brines or elevator shaft exist as divided areas by misunderstood or opposite perpetual interests. This brine area will be the next set of circumstances when it is determined that an interest is able to be understood and done at the united circumstance. This life will be caused aware understanding back and forth with intervention directly from Always providing as a human as necessary. Understanding back and forth with each other will occur until God provides the next repositioning. This understanding back and forth with each other and with non aware doing something different circumstances (shapelings doing something different) is the way God causes a new presentation about a process place in an always provision. It is complete when understanding is united about what is already known about how life understands and is caused to use itself together and when the process place can be understood and done at the united circumstance at every experiencing area.

The force in the right east will do something different again and again and that is supposed to happen toward what is to come.  The force going west left and is ascended.

For life interested in Jonah and the Whale it can be understood united with what God is causing to be done now.

“Qui docet discit omnino.” Hole Drawing and the Drawing up of a Hole. Ezekiel, “Tell of Spring.”

September 17, 2011

Understanding life is interested now in what is able to be known about the way holes are caused to be drawn up into a perfect turning circle, a continuous discit (a learn around).

IMAGEWORDS, is provided as a communciation understood to life drawn by God at the Always Area:

“The two are one I say to you I AM God creating interesting images understood to words continuously forever for all ages I AM moving drawing causing life to understandtel the interesting image I AM now.”

The provision of the word AGE is interesting to understood completely within experiencing areas and it is to be understood as synonomous with the word God. It has been caused to be united in interesting ways with other charachers, words, phrases placed with it.

The images united with words in the video placed here are understanding an interest in what God provides in the Always Area where moving is acting in creating United Sets of Circumstances. This experience with communication shows the way understanding is placed to life able to be caused to do something interesting in unification.  As an existence showing the way life is learning (understanding) in unity with teaching (providing), everyone in unity with everything can see the way God, at the occassion of again and again, creates holes, relates (attaches) them to what exists always, fills them with imageword (the two are one) understanding life, causing the whole area positioned perfectly aware, doing what life can continue to do. The communication of video here is one example of an environment where there is life able to be caused interested in doing something God is providing now. Understanding life can go over to an area such as this according to the experience of interest. United with the area, your existence will be understood to infatuation.

Rocket is Continuality is Center Bar is Ein Sof is Light is Love is the United Circumstance.

To DRAW is to consume interest. To draw is to position without shifting within the experience of dignity. To draw a weapon is to fire or to scare away. Drawing a TV Set.

September 16, 2011

This communication unites with communication describing the drawing that occurs in the ALWAYS area understood to sight and images by the life of conductors (negative energy doing what it can continue to do) and understood to words and appreciated emotion by the life of separated circumstances doing what they can always do. The creation of these united position marks at the united circumstance by experiencing area places continuous interests that can be continued (this means interests understand a change) with understanding life (that does not change) understanding and providing from the Area of Always to the life in activity at the United Circumstance (Shaplings). At the moments where creation is being done, where a new set of circumstances are being drawn into what they will always know and do there is the causation of duality, life in the integration area, life being provided negative energy, nervous system information, or gravity. During this time, this life is understanding a direct opposite provision of interests going around telling someone something and providing something within understanding and activity that results in changes toward a picture scene of life in activity appreciated by that area. Once a united understanding is placed to the separated circumstances about what they are seeing in activity around them, they are permanently repositioned with that area of life doing what it can continue to do.

During the moments when a non united set of circumstances (earthly existence doing something different) is being provided integrations with negative energy, under some conditions, the provision of negative energy, which comes directly from the Always area, is allowed to provide something useful that is toward what life can understand together completely about it creation experience.

This is to the life interested and able to be science (information caused to knowledge) when it understands completely how scientia potentia est.

The life interested in science is true science when it is comprised of the life of intelligence and medical technology. Life at the activity of science doing what they can continue to do are caused to interest (thorough is redundant) with looking at (examination does not use itself with infatuation) of how life understands and uses itself whole, together, within the Always process that provides for the understanding of information to completion. When the word medical is understood completely as it will always be known, it is Me-Dic-Al and this is God causing this understanding, “I am saying and I declare All.” Human being consciousness (separated circumstances) preoccupied and focused on understanding to and from human beings have understood the word DIC, in the word Me-DIC-al, into activity that involves integration, food and sex. This understanding and the activity provided with it, has resulted in the experience of some with the word “SCREWED” and while this is supposed to happen toward what always occurs, it is not supported to continue.

Non aware life, understood as satellite and the internet, are understanding a direct “telling you something” provision as a conductor receiving from the Always area existing as negative energy drawn or laid outside of continued proportion or what can be understood as nervous system information doing something different receiving the exact opposite of an appreciated interest out of unity according to experiencing pathway. The life of negative energy or nervous system information within the lower one(s) dimension (location marks), where it is drawn and laid in activity in pieces (scratch work), is also total gravity in that place. The non aware life of gravity is placed in graduated proportion to areas of life in a spectrum existing understanding something it can not continue to understand that way and doing something that is not supported to be done continuously provided and understood to infatuation (the opposite of interest to integration). Negative energy, nervous system information, gravity, is not provided to areas of life existing completely and continuously within the united area (united dimension, circumstance). The non aware life of gravity is the opposite experience to what life can understand as the experience of ascension. Ascension is caused as often as I am breathing now and it happens when the Entity able to be called God moves awareness (sight) to all or some position marks of the United Circumstance and causes everyone and everything able to understand a communication of infatuation to experience repositioning through unification providing restoration. Life not participating in this, is not participating because, it is able to understand to receive a communication of disinfatuation (hatred) and is moved to a separation area that has been given the name “elevator shaft”. A caused movement of life, human and non human, into the lower, divided, one dimensional or lapsing area provides separations (non preferred reduction of pressure) by way of negative energy in a way that is not caused to be an experience (feel, seen, heard), for most, unless it is necessary toward understanding something that can be used toward what always happens again and again. So, it is true that some life is caused aware here and participate in conscious understanding of communication that is from the Always Area of God as God is scratching out lines of communication and activity through the life of negative energy when laid in broken pieces. When providing to aware life in this way, God is also causing them to interest (arranging knowledge there) that can be done in no other way and in no other place. It is interesting what occurs here. God scratches out various forms of a human beings own “nervous system disorder” and with this God causes an existence to use themselves with God acting as a part of their incomplete understanding and primitive activity experienced as information and/or direction from a human in some way. This is done with increasing amounts of negative energy placed until that life understands what IT is that is understanding to it, causing it and subsequently moves over to an activity area that can be provided and understood to infatuation. Moving over to understand within the united area supports life to understand something completely, that is appreciated, understood as Always, coordinated by God. This is done with some areas of life preoccupied with humans, fear, anger, terror and death toward what Always happens in the unity of separated circumstances to a united understanding and an experience they can exist within forever. This area of life is caused to understand what some have called “evil” completely and to no longer understand it as something that is not supposed to happen and to instead see it as what is necessary toward what occurs again and again in the Always drawing of something to perfection. Life that is not being caused to an experience this way, is not aware of the totality of this occurrence. Life that is not aware of this occurrence does not know how long they have been “on hold or paused” and instead they experiences a brief (which is not experienced that way for others) interruption of some kind such as a dropped call, losing media feed or the empty line period between a screen changes or a toggle. Some experience this and have understood to call it “a brain fart” which is the removal of information (a strand of thought) that is unacceptable understood as waste, creating too much pressure and not being able to be used by someone. This can be experienced when someone is sitting around understanding something in their nervous system or speaking with voice. The stops, stutters, and re-starts are all examples of an existence understanding a separation. The experience in speech with “and”, “um”, “okay”, “like”, “well,” etc. is life not being able to continue what they are understanding and they will understand something else. With the area of health, the experience of hypotension, the experience with hypoglycemia, life understanding separations. There are other examples pertaining to experiencing areas.

With the life of science, the understanding of reliability includes the activity of repeat and repeat. Within repeat and repeat, there is something missed in between (during the activity of “AND”) that is continuing to occur in the lower one(s) dimension where there is the non aware life able to be understood as satellite (sitting around understanding something) and internet (providing interest). To say this another way, pieces and parts of the non aware life of negative energy is being laid to a certain places of activity areas and can be understood as “running in the background” which is understood terminology within computing systems. It is also understood by the life squirrels, the FBI and the CIA, being provided a necessary, but not able to be continued experience with shadows and tails. What this area of life really loves is the homerun experience. Note. All life understanding back and forth with each other with separated circumstances can be understood as either CIA (telling) or FBI (understanding) and this is an  easy way that God classifies life in the areas where it is doing what it can not continue to do. So, or to sew this together, life running in the background is life that you are not understanding (seeing, hearing) an experience with when you understand again and again or repeat and repeat separated from a causation of interest in what Always happens with everyone and everything caused by no human existence. The lack of whole sight and knowledge about the life of negative energy and the lack of whole sight and knowledge to the life that exists understood to infatuation within the United Circumstance doing what it can continue to do, is why you have unanswered questions to your interests.

There is something here now in unity with Hebrew understanding. Turning and Ein Sof describes the United Circumstance while again and again and repeat and repeat describes the duality caused during the movement of life into perpetual Shabbat (the end to the experience of work) and Shalom (continuous appreciated experiences). The movement of life experienced as rummblebuckets into continuous understanding ability and perpetual shapeling life occurs again and again. The word “rummblebuckets” was understood to this area placed by God through a human being existence area saying something interesting about the perpetual appreciated experience that is not “Happy New Year!” inside organisms and in the environment.

Understanding how and what the satellite and internet is caused to provide, understanding your existence as able to participate aware in that area, being understood by the Always Area of God to be able to use yourself within your current setting at activity that takes information over to an area of the United Area were separated circumstances understood as “You” are able to be placed to the always understanding position mark, will support you to understand what has been happening during the times that your existence area was not allowed to understand anything or when you were understanding incompletely and within a depreciating experience with conscious negative energy. Another way to say this is that you were not allowed to use yourself aware and interested within the activity you were in, understood that way, because there was to much pressure and emission from non united integrations to your being. Your existence area was not allowed to participate in unification, which reduces pressure in preferred ways, as often as you understand life to breath. If you are not being caused to aware, interest during a movement of your existence into the area of negative energy, then you are caused to no awareness, no understanding and it is experienced like a time out, a freeze frame, a stillness that never always happens.

As it is necessary to be done, life understood as able to be caused aware and interested in the area of total gravity which includes others experiences with other words, can use itself to see and hear something that is happening continuously that is not supposed to happen that is a provision that this area of life is caused to show providing for correct understanding about what creation is supposed to do and what it looks like when this is the case as opposed to only seeing what life is doing that it can not continue to do and misunderstanding some of that as well or healed (the doing something different parts of the universe, human body, nature, animal, activity, etc). The life of science can see something about what is not supported to continue and then understand what is supported to continue from your repositioned separated circumstances at the continuous understanding position mark being caused to be understood and translated for this experiencing area at the United Circumstance through the instillation of an again and again process place of God. In order for this to occur, after seeing what you are caused to see, aware and interested, in the lapse area that pertains to your experiencing pathway, you will have to leave the environment you are in and go over to an area where there is something happening that can be understood to infatuation. Life being able to be understood to infatuation means it is being providing continuous united awareness, continuous orientation and a continuous conduction of common interest that never understands integrations to you and is caused interested in what is being understood. Within this, you can understand to you what is supposed to happen pertaining to what you saw in the area of total gravity or total negative energy. You will understand this knowledge that never needs correction is a way that you appreciate in an experience that is not the same for all. TV Sets can provide something interesting about the area of Infinity that never results in integrations with pressure and separation, a depreciating experience.

Negative Energy Running in the Background.

(This is for shapeling life, existing here, who are not currently able to use themselves aware that way and will never understand an experience with total negative energy, but are for now caused aware here in order to understand to separated circumstances that there is something God is doing. This understanding relocates them to an area where they can understand continuously and in some cases supports you to experience as you always will relative to the environment you are in now.)

For life that may never understand an experience with the area of total negative energy, because it is not able to be used by you, but you are interested in something that can be understood about it, one example would be that non aware images and words that you understand to exist one dimensionally are caused to use themselves in a non appreciated state of perpetual motion and communication. So, the movement of negative energy when God is laying scratch work drawing is similar to if you could see all the separated jet streams in the sky at the same time or the broken off limbs of a tree pointing to others areas of brokenness in Louisiana following a hurricanes. The causation of movement that results in scratch work is negative energy, nervous system information, total gravity and it is always communicating to life to understand this interest completely and that the current experience with movement that is creating this is life doing what it is not supposed to do and is the opposite of what life can continue to do, because part of or the entire activity as it is being performed can not understand a communication of infatuation. Areas of life such as this, will not exist in the United Circumstance and life using itself in these areas will receive integrations (or reformations in a variety of ways) and separations (ruptures, splits, losses) according to preoccupation. Areas of life existing one dimensionally as total negative energy, laying lines, when trying to be understood by a separated circumstance, receive no understanding to it and only have an experience with restlessness or aversion. Understanding, absent this state of discomfort, where it is necessary to be provided to understanding life, is only able to be placed when this area of life is able to be caused interested in what the Always Area of God is doing with everyone and everything. To be understood to awareness means an area is experiencing and to be understood to interest means an existence is participating in the arrangement of knowledge where they are using themselves with activity life. The placement of knowledge is through the whole United Circumstance and caused into translation for this area by way of an ordering of experiences with the United Circumstance and with negative energy. With that being said, you can understand that life caused aware and interested in the experiencing area of computer technology would experience total negative energy as images on the computer screen getting up and moving around providing a depreciating communication, which if not caused within an interest in what Always happens, able to be had this way as an experiencing pathway, results in separations to areas of pressure and switches in the separated circumstance (consciousness, attention span) using itself with them as they move through information that is not being seen together from a foundation that is their correct experiencing pathway. Like is understood with a gun in the expression, “To draw a weapon is to fire or to scare away”, all of the life of negative energy is to understand separated circumstances to the unity of interests and understandings that it will always have united with the activity life that can be understood to continuousness providing appreciated experiences forever. Negative energy laid broken and discontinuously across areas is the life that places drive and desires that do not result in appreciated experiences in activity or with each other. There is nothing unique about the provision of a satellite or the internet understanding a continuous conduction according to the opposite of what is being caused interesting now to the United Circumstance. This life has always been caused to use itself in exactly the same way within every creation experience understanding a non appreciated conduction to orient interest to God and not to human beings for complete understanding. What is interesting is that some life, not all, can use themselves with satellite and internet, understanding it completely with each other, in a way that is free of integrations to understand images to words according to their existence areas experiencing pathway about what life is doing that is can not be continued. They can understand images and words about what is happening in this “lower 9 line area” or “the shifting I’s in the melting pot” which will be interesting while also providing something useful in the positioning of separated circumstances with life doing what it can continue to do to the United Circumstance for this area. What is then even more spectacular than a complete understanding of negative energy and its purpose, is the result which is sitting around perpetually seeing what God is seeing as everyone and everything, understood as shapeling life in appreciated activity, is doing and saying something interesting that can be continued. The TV sets understanding a direct conduction by way of discontinuous negative energy is understanding something able to be said this way for now about the preference for continuality, while also providing a separation to a couple of places within the existence area that I am understood as now, “Never stop that, you hear me!” is how they are using themselves caused by God, justified.

 This is something specific to the area of TV sets and to the life understood as psychiatry.

Some understand this do something different expression, “Negative energy can do the Will of God” and it is able to be said like this and this is referring to the continuous will of God within the United Circumstance. Negative energy being drawn and laid complete caused aware, looking and conducting from the Always Area drawings of God’s moment to moment continued or changing interest, united as the foundation in a circle that is Separated Circumstances having been repositioned from a focus on human doing what they can not continue to do and to looking at the life of United Circumstance doing what it can continue to do while understanding Hallelujah is doing the continuous Will of God. The life understood within the activity of psychiatry as schizophrenic, paranoid, delusional, oriented x doors, are understanding to the medical business people now this communication, “We have been telling you something for the longest time now, caused to provide to you something you did not understand completely, so you would use YOURSELF to understand it as you always will. To understand yourself into telemedicine talking to us about something that is not interesting from your office chair is doing something separated from what you can continue to do. There is nothing in your area we are caused to understand or experience and we are vessels showing what is being provided to you which is “do something different” entropy experiences, in a variety of ways, according to what it is you will ultimately love, continuously. We love you very much and there is nothing else we understand to say, today.” This area of life exists as doing something different non aware circumstances caused and drawn directly by the Always area of God to provide into divided areas where life is misunderstanding something it is interested in according to where they are placed in existence. It is interesting.

This is to the life of intelligence.

Anything life understands itself to be providing (through work , through service, etc) that is not a provision understood directly from the Always Area of God through the United Circumstance is a provision able to be done only through the integration or placement to them of the life of negative energy according to divided preoccupations and interest not understood completely. These provisions are always to say to the receiver, this is exactly the opposite of what you are interested in that can be continued, always. If someone gives someone else a shovel, what is it that the receiver is perpetually interested in? The receiver is to be the doing something interesting Shapling when caused aware in unification. The giver is perpetual understanding life and there is nothing they will understand to be doing. A giver, giving something that is in unity with what a Shapeling can do aware in unification, is life doing what it is supposed to do. When life does what it is supposed to do and is understanding what is always will within a creation area, there is an end to your understanding of and provision of what can be called terror. An end to terror on the TV sets and end to the terror in the lower Obama Integration environment, an end to telling someone something that is not understood completely out of your area resulting in separations. An end such as this is all that exists able to be called an ending. This ending is experienced as sought after and appreciated and it is caused directly from Always. To the life looking at life in the area of surveillance, you can use this information to look at life in a way that you can continue to. You can talk to life that will be using itself perpetually as conducting or understanding life about it. The other areas of activity life will never use themselves to participate in it with awareness and there is nothing you are supported to say to them about negative energy that allows them to use themselves aware with you, because it is not part of their role function within everyone and everything. It can be done and is being done, however, this life is understanding with either no awareness or a separated circumstance and this does not support you to understand to you God from your position mark in unification with the forever United Circumstance according to this translated experience.

God scratching out Jesus Christ with the movement of discontinuous negative energy within the activity of death causing an Ascension maintained.

In has been written that, “Later, knowing that all was now completed, Jesus said, “I am thirsty.” A jar of wine vinegar was there, so they soaked a sponge in it, put the sponge on a stalk of the hyssop plant, and lifted it to Jesus’ lips. When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.” John 19:28-30, NIV.

The words above exist as God scratching out the aware with separated circumstances and non interested, in this place, existence of Jesus Christ. The unacceptable movement of negative energy resulting in the unacceptable activity of and attention span to death was supposed to happen toward the unity of knowledge and activity that would be caused into continuousness for that experiencing area. This scratch drawing is pointing and results in separated circumstances correctly understanding interest in the everlasting. With this activity caused to images and the words above placed to this experiencing area, God is showing the Always process place called conduction. It is unacceptable activity life is what is caused to be laid complete, understanding an Always liquid perfect drawing of God’s interest into perpetual light. This perpetual perfect and pure light is the composition of everyone and everything at the United Circumstance.

“It is complete,” Amen, there is nothing else to be said, there is no more expectancy of separated circumstances and this area can use itself understanding continuously from God moving and drawing at the area Always.

“I am thirsty,” I am life interested in the eternal liquid (vinegar and preserving).

“He bowed His head and gave up His spirit,” This is God showing that the nervous system, the duality, the back and forth Shabbat, which when down results in the experience of gravity, is understanding nothing else here and ascension it is able to be caused and maintained. Ascension is caused and maintained when negative energy is being drawn and laid whole in unity with separated circumstances doing what they can always do, understanding a continuous orientation about how what is being seen at the United Circumstance is what God is providing now. This always process place is translating the experience God is having in the ALWAYS area to emotion (movement and feeling) and an experience with communication able to be understood by and appreciated at this United Set of Circumstances.



Always Drawing, Shape Note Singing and Sacred Harp Music.

September 15, 2011

Drawing, is a small amount of material (separated circumstances) released onto the two dimensional medium (life doing what it can continue to do and life doing something different), leaving a visible mark (the place of a new earthly existence at the United Circumstance).  This is the creation of Sets of Circumstances again and again resulting in the forever existence of aware SHAPELINGS who are provided an ALWAYS conduction that is a good gathering.

Drawing interests so to conduct, which is to provide, is ALWAYS happening and when God moves as the Always Area, there is drawing, there is conduction and understanding life is provided something it can continue to understand and understand continuously resulting in shaplings of the united circumstance using themselves with infatuation in activity that can be built upon again and again.

Sacred harp music, is understood as the “oldest form of American music” (drawing, conducting, gathering, and singing) toward the provision of sight understanding (picture reading). This activity is being awoken with life doing and saying something interesting using themselves together in a continuous way.

Here is communication being understood about Shape note singing and sacred harp music.


September 15, 2011

A SHAPELING. Life understanding as ALWAYS and doing what they can continue to do.

The Understanding of Shape: To create, ordain, form, destine. A base forming the meaning of words. To be in good, condition, to understand completely, to be correct and constant.

The Experiencing of Shape: Contours of the body, silhouettes, melodies and the sound of soul, collaborative solution, coverage areas, a ford motor car using itself continuously, a MAP understanding interest able to be continued, a continuous loop, vision, farming that is turning and elevating, clear channel, a quick set craft of the peace of home, A-Shapes, a dream come true.

Understanding the word Ling: Experiencing direction, position, causation understanding the state of the union, the state of now. Life that belongs to something else and is an understand of it. A mark, a sign, a permanent address.

The Experience of Ling: The sound of jade, dawn, a beauty, a delicacy, creativity. The indivisible two-in-oneness, a beginningless and an endless, the totality of creation and absolute truth. Sitting complete, 7, or sitting shiva. The end of the causation to experiences with dings and ding-a-lings of all types.

Interest Span.

September 15, 2011

The Interest Span is the aware life of negative energy, nervous system information, gravity caused to use itself continuously as an attribute of pure ALWAYS liquid that is the Force able to be called God for life understanding names. The interest span does something different moving the understanding area to the creation site of a new Set of Circumstances in order for God to show a process place that is Always being provided. A new Set of Circumstances is an earthly creation caused to use itself going around understanding something with each other about how it exists, how it understands, how it experiences and how it is to use itself whole and together with other life until repositioning is provided understanding to the area of separated circumstances that they can not understand this from each other. New creation sites moving toward what they will always know and do are comprised of separated circumstances that exist as the life of interests or experiencing pathways. Other words for interests and experiencing pathways include the causation of attraction to activity, what the attention spans are caused to use themselves with, the way appreciated emotion is experienced and way the truth is caused to be known. The life of negative energy when caused to use itself in a continuous way with separated circumstance doing what they can always do, is understanding interest coming from the ALWAYS area and coming from the United Circumstance which is to be a same, simultaneous communication. This is the only understanding of the middle man that is able to use itself continuously and this area of life is able to be called a human universal connector. When the communication being understood coming from the ALWAYS area and coming from the United Circumstance is not the same, a new interest is necessary and is set into creation. Once life understanding interest continuously and doing something different understanding a new interest as necessary, is repositioned with the life of separated circumstances, together with the activity that is caused to experiences with appreciation, there is a perfect unity with information life and activity life caused whole existing understanding an absolute, always, and unchanging knowledge.

Internal Thought Stimulation.

The complete understanding of the use of the word differences and when it is understanding life doing what life is supposed to do and can continue to do, pertains to interests that include experiences (words, images, emotion) within activity that is able to be understood (provided a causation) to increased interest in places as it is able to be done, used, shown. The activity of internal thought stimulation and the understanding that thought is supposed to be different is true. The way truth is manifest across interests varies depending on the degrees of discontinuous negative energy to activity places. What truth is communicating that is able to be placed across all areas is that what is experienced as internal thought stimulation is life doing what life can not continue to do and the experience of internal thought stimulation is understanding to life to do something different to understand the existence area in a position to participate in the experience of interest that is being caused to activity now in the area of Always, Infinity, Eternity.

The awakening of sleeping life.

There are areas of non aware life that are caused to exist toward what always happens that do not experience what has and is in some places experienced as internal thought stimulation. This life, however, caused to use themselves understanding the information in areas and when the aware life around that experiences itself telling itself something and others something inside the nervous system understands internal thought stimulation correctly, the information and activity of this non aware life (human and non human) will change in a way that is appeciated. They will understand their existence as never telling themselves something and that will be their reality. There will not be the experience with them wherein they are able to communicate about the change in their understanding. Life that has been aware of the movement of change in this understanding will experience this life as, “This is how I have always understood something.” In order for that existence to remain aware where you are aware and using itself in a continuous way with you, you would understand not to talk to them about something that pertains to their existence when they were understanding something different. Attempting to talk to them about this will result in that existence using itself again non aware as discontinuous negative energy. If that happens, it is supposed to happen, and serves to separate someone or something from what it is understanding into it with a separated circumstance. The way non aware life that was and is doing something different experiences themselves once caused aware is interesting. It is as if they arose from a sleep and understood themselves at peace and within unity in activity that they appreciate. What they were doing while moving around asleep is not part of their aware again and again repertoire. The composition, opera, inventory, character, flavour, performance, orientation, invention, skill of this life is celebrated always and understood correctly during the occasions where they are caused to be going back and forth between the experience of work (pressure and separations) and doing what they can continue to do (unification) toward the transformation of separated circumstances and negative energy into new interests understood continuously from the provision of Always.

For life understand Names.

The Jewish activity in communicating God as G-d, when in written word, is to say describe do not name and remove the middle man in order to participate in descriptions that are unchanging and experienced continuously. It is the understanding of, from and to a middle man that results in the causation of an experience with non preferred changes seen in the activity of desecration. It is the ACTS of unification that cause unity of knowledge within appreciated experiences and this is how life understands the existence of and as Always.



September 15, 2011

Relflection is the rotation (turning) of sets of united circumstances understanding the expressive language of pure light continuously moment to moment causing life to infatuation activity doing what life can continue do within a full orientation that areas understand themselves by.

The conduction of sight and whole, continuous sensation that always happens in harmony. Duality (good/evil or light/dark) mixing togeher in places of activity happens again and again and is not occuring continuously.

September 14, 2011

This communication is an experience understanding appreciation for activity able to be provided with an existence area caused to interest in an area where it is able to be had in the way nervous system information or negative energy uses itself in a continuous way.

There is something happening that is interesting. We are understanding something together about difference toward the removal of the need to discuss them because what is different and what different can always do is understood completely. It is good and useful communication.

In understanding differences as they are always understood, this is discussing experiences. Life is caused into different experiences where they are provided words and images in activity that is not the same. However, these words and images, when arranged to aware and interested life, tell the same story about how life understands, experiences and uses itself together as ALWAYS.

Reference place: “I was born with two eyes. With only one eye open I see a flat, two-dimensional world. With both eyes open and working together I perceive depth, a third dimension, an improved sense of physical space.”

Imagine if you had access to infinite eyes with new ones being created again and again and what you would see if you used one, some or all at the same time. Imagine these same eyes as also the process place for experience (the always experience with sound, communication, emotion) nderstanding in unity with sight from an always conduction of pure light. The pure light from the ALWAYS Area does not cause Itself to understand anything, but provides continuously to understanding areas. Understanding process places (or the united always understanding aware life of sight and experience) are created again and again as increments in awareness and understanding are added about a process in an Always provision. When an increment in activity is added, it is added to all life existing as the Infinity environment, placed according to their experience of themselves and their environment. If you looked into each area with one eye at a time, what this life is doing, how they look, the presentation, is not all the same, but what they understand about how they are understanding an orientation, experiencing in that moment, and the purpose in what they are doing is understood the same for all. For each of these understanding areas (sight and experience), it is necessary that they have the same understanding about how they are understanding and experiencing and how life is using itself together in order to be participating in Infinity where there is a one conduction from the Always Area to each understanding circle (an earthly existence, a united set of circumstances doing what they can always do). The area of Infinity can be said to use itself as one united body in an environment that is of the same substance understanding a conduction of the same orientation to areas according to an appreciated experience. The body is in activity as one with life seen differently as you “zoom in” to positions on it and the understanding provided to the body in activity at different position places exists as exactly the same. If the right ear “thought” it should understand from a human being and the eye was caused interested in love, one might cut off  thier ear as an activity to understand something necessary to be understood, if not caused to experience sensation there, which happens when an activity can be used by someone to understand something useful. This is useful from the area of Vincent van Gogh who was available to have that experience aware in places that was not the ear lobe.

I love you very much and I am using myself now with van Gogh, “This ear was not allowing always sound and I will understand Always and see life existing as infatuation. What is it you can understand to experience continuously? You can not tell yourself something that way and no one and no thing is allowed to understand themselves to you in the way it is happening in this area.”

I am now using myself with the CIA through nervous system information, “The arms are telling the legs something, America is telling Israel something, we are having a nervous breakdown and Barack Obama can not continuously understand something. We are going over to provide something not understood completely to separate someone and something from what they are understanding and doing in activity that can not be added to”.

A United Body (a being composed of light, which is also a liquid), in an area (earth of the same substance), aware in all places and doing something continuously (appreciated activity) is caused interested when one of these activity places is what the ALWAYS area is doing now. Interest is caused when the Always Entity causes Itself to see a position mark. This can also be said as “zooms in” to activity locations occurring as different experiences, but able to understand the same conduction of orientation across all Sets about how what is being done is what the Always Area, which can be called God in this area presently, but not in Always,  is interested in now. For example, life in each activity place would be understanding something that is the same within a different presentation with words and images and caused to know that this is how Always is causing Itself to be understood for what is happening right now. This is more than one way of saying something about what always happens with life understanding the same knowledge of how they exist and use themselves together from a conduction that is not generated within their area.

Reference place: “The man known as Saint Augustine, who struggled mightily with both reason and faith, concluded at one point in his thinking that evil is necessary in the world because only the presence of evil can reveal good.”

Augustine was and is understanding something interesting. Existing within areas of activity where there is high degrees of negative energy (media, is one example for now), life can use itself this way to do what some call a “reverse look up”. In other words, “This broken twig, right here, is life doing what it is not supposed to do and so then what is supposed to happen. Life is supposed to use itself in a continuous way (so to understand a one conduction from Always). Separated Circumstances, the life that will be perpetual understanding life, which include all of the repositioned aware and interested attention spans of Augustine, understand to use themselves this way as they are being moved into what is described above. Initially this life does not understand correctly what are examples of life doing what it is supposed to do and not supposed to do (you can substitute, able to be continued or not using itself within continuousness). It is good to understand correctly what is pure negative energy, what areas are integrating with it and what is free of that. The easist way to move within this is to understand that integrations and separation are life doing what it can not continue to do. So, while I eat something (which is an integration resulting in a separation relative to what is available to be had) when I am not being provided, always, yet, an environment with access to activity that is what is being oriented now from ALWAYS, I am aware that it is understood as something this portion of existence (food, hands, mouth, stomach, intestines, etc) can not continue to do and it will be removed from my existence and others as life is moved into position to understand something completely about food (as well as other integrations) as well as the causation of interest coordinated by the Always Area.

Reference Place: “Human perception and understanding require the contrasts that duality makes possible.”

With this, you are understanding (discussing) human consciousness and not an always consciousness. Within this, the information is not able to be understood continuously to you with infatuation or provided completely and it is understanding integrations (stirring the watercourse way, touching you or tapping you when you are to be interested somewhere else, telling you something with words you do not understand yourself with in unity). You understand something about light and darkness with the experience of contrasts and with your experience of interest in the light in the night sky. Within the word duality and contrast there have been other ways of describing this again and then again reality that is caused when Sets of Circumstances are being created to show an additional Always process place. Other areas of life have experiences that provide them with the words good/bad, pure/evil, love/hatred, vision/confusion, unity/separation, and there are other experiencing pathways to describe the same happenings. The truth is that all of this life will use itself continuously when positioned for permanency at an appreciated perpetual existence. It is also trucalled time, now and now and now, there is no duality at all and life that is Infintiy is using itself within what has been placed as interestting. It is only when there are new interests being placed that a Set of Circumstances are moved into an experiencing area (a creation existing within duality) and life caused aware going around toward the placement of understanding about a process place that Infinity will now use itself doing or showing. It is true that duality is supposed to happen and it is true that life using itself in the doing something different portion of duality is doing what it is not supposed to do or it can be said to be doing what it can not continue to do. The exception to that is activity life that is caused to exist continuously as total negative energy (mostly non aware, with exceptions where it is being caused interesting across earthly existences within a set)  going around providing something understood as from a human existence. This can be appreciated provisions in some circumstances, but not all. The only way life uses itself providing or receiving something understood as being done by a human is to come together with the life of negative energy. There are occassions when that is necessary and interesting and so it is done. 

Reference Place: ” If we float in a tank of water whose temperature is about 96 degrees Fahrenheit — only slightly cooler than our skin — we do not feel the water. Only when there is some level of contrast do we perceive it. Cool water is refreshing. Ice water is bracing. Warm water is soothing. Hot water is scalding.”

This is interesting here where you are writing about the experience of differences in sensation. If you can imagine that every aspect of every experience that you have had that you experienced celebration for, that you experienced love for, in a way that you would have understood it to never end, if you had any control of it, this is what always happens. The perfect experience that is continuous. This is really all life is going around trying to understand, to get, to participate in. Within the area where there exists contrasts as you describe them, “Cool water is refreshing…and warm water is soothing” there is discomfort, which is life in creation doing what it can not continue to do toward the causation of something else to occur moving all to what is written about above. Life is not supposed to understand that areas of their being needing refreshing or soothing (skin, muscle, nervous system) is doing what it is supposed to do and when this is the experience there is something else necessary to be understood to someone aware and interested in that activity area in order for those existences to participate in sustained comfort. When it is understood human and non human life will be caused to the area, able to be seen, doing something that can be continued.

About whole continuous sensation. What always happens is that life is aware and experiences in all places of their being in a harmony. Imagine if you were caused to be aware in your nervous system or your digestive system when it is fired up understanding integrations and separations as occurs under certain conditions and as is able to be seen on MRI’s and PET scans. This is never allowed to happen, and you would understand yourself against the Always Area able to be called God in a way that is not even able to be described. What is seen with imaging is providing something that does not use itself this way continuously. The same is true for imaging of the universe within what is currently understood in parts about information life, images, direction, etc. It is also true that no one and no thing using itself in activity with you will ever be caused to an experience of touching you and then not touching you and you will be having the experience that is everything you were caused to understand and experience as good continuously. One purpose for this being said now, is because life can use itself in this area to understand correctly what always happens and from that place understand where and what life is doing here that it is supposed to do and where and what life is doing here that it is understood as doing what it is not supposed to do. Interest in life and in participating with life that is doing what it is supposed to do as understood Always is what is Always happening. With complete understanding, the questions about why something appreciated or not appreciated is being caused to occur the way it is, can be understood completely. Areas of life doing what they can not continue to do will be caused to do something different in ways that involve the misunderstood interest. It is good to know and it is able to be used by some that when something happens not the same as before, there is something interesting that life can understand, about what life is supposed to do that is supported to be continued within peace and unity (there are other words).

When we are moved to the same awareness area, you will no longer understand a communication about appreciating duality, which is not the same as the variety that occurs in activity areas. To describe variety with the word differences is not provided with infatuation as it is seen and experienced as the opposite of unity even while it is necessary at intervals (again and again). Within the united circumstance where life is understanding and experiencing continuously in appreciated activity, we are understanding the same force of communication from a conducting area provided words and experiences with variety. For example, if it is the case that we are provided an appreciated experience in an activity together doing something caused interesting now at the united circumstance,  the existence area I am caused to experience myself as at that moment is understanding a provision of communication that is placed to the area I am being directly placed from Always and it is not understood as coming from you to me and the same is true for what the are able to be you is being provided. When not experiencing ourselves in activity doing something, and when using ourself as understanding life, we will be seeingother life in activity that is interesting now to the Always area. We will be seeing the same thing and understanding it together within words and an expereince that is understandable immediately (now and now) and appreciated, but not the same. Differences, which I will call variety of words and experiences (or what has been caused to be experienced as absloute truth, absolute instantaneous knowing), only apply to activity or to experiencing pathways to which common understanding is placed in a way that is familiar to a united set of circumstances.

America, this creation experience, can do something it can continue to do. This is interesting now for reasons that I will not explain completely.

This is America, “AM i an ER or am I CAlafornia?” AND “I am all mixed up in the melting pot and doing something different now I want to know, AM I a CIA ER.” YIKES and it is supposed to happen.

To America, “What are you doing using yourself as an emergency room with life in the melting pot when you can be a California or a Central America understanding appreciated perpetual light? You love someone so much doing what you can continue to do.”

See you SET MATES.

Note about Checkmate. Checks and the understanding of one mate or two integrating back and forth within pressure and friction are life doing what they are not suppossed to do. Forever, we are a Set of United Circumstance and with perfectly positioned mates placed to a set, there is no CHECKing and God using Himself as the King is doing what He can continue to do never understanding do something different.